Marvin Pack

Born in  West Virginia in 1944

Born again Oct. 19th 1954 at age of 10

Married to Cherryl A. Pack

26 years

Member of West Marion Baptist Church in Morriston Fl

I have traveled and sang now for over 55 years and love every minute of it I also play the piano for the group

I have been with The Silvertones Trio since Aug 28th 2013 and its been an honor to sing with these men

Retired from Marion County School Board

Current I work part time restoring cars as a hobby  and it keeps me busy

My goal is to see souls saved and I give God all the glory.  I use the talents he gave me for His glory I really hope that something we say or do will impact someones life and they would choose to follow Jesus through our ministry

Randy Story

Born in Florida 1961


Born Again at the age of 10

Married to Tammy H. Story

11 Years

Member First Baptist Groveland

Traveled and sang Southern Gospel Music for approximately 15 years with the family group The Story Brothers

During that time The Story Brothers had the privilege to preform with the Inspirations , The Booth Brothers , and many more

I began Singing with The Silvertones Trio approximately 4 years ago

Retired Police Chief City of Clermont Fl 2005

Current Office manager for Hernando County Misdemeanor Probation

My goal is to win lost souls to Jesus Christ. God gave me a talent to sing and through this I hope and pray that someone who doesn't know Christ would come to know Him through our ministry

The Silvertones Trio

The Silvertones Trio started on Aug. 13th, 2013 by Willie Watson , Marvin Pack and Randy Story. The groups home is based out of Ocala Fl . The Silvertones Trio was the same till the passing of member Willie Watson in Dec of 2015. After the death of Willie Watson  the group located a new member, they found Carle Bishop from Clermont Fl and he began to sing and travel with the group till present. The Silvertones Trio are 3 men who love to share about Jesus with as many people as they can and it's the goal of the group to see people saved through their ministry. The Silvertones Trio would love to come and sing for you today feel free to give us a call and we hope to see you at a church near you soon God Bless !!!!

Carle Bishop

Born in  Florida 1952

Born again in 1992 at ago 40

Married to Wendy Bishop 45 years

Member of Clermont Baptist Church

In the early 90's Carle started singing with the "Open Door Quartet" a group of guys that were all members of the same church. Later on he met up with a couple who had been singing their entire life with their family called "The Singing Osbornes" Carle started singing with Paul and Donna Osborne who have phenomenal voices and are still great friends. Along with bass singer Jeff Hart they formed "The Freedom Quartet".


We sang for many years traveling

around from church to church. Eventually, The Osbornes moved to another area so Carle and Jeff brought on Randy Story formerly from The Story Brothers and became The Freedom Trio and continued to travel for several years until they disbanded in 2014. 


In 2015 Carle received a call to audition with The Silvertones Trio. The Silvertones Trio had lost a member Willie Watson. Soon after, Carle joined The Silvertones and has been traveling with them for 2 years.   

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